Looking Ahead to the New Year

We know that its not Christmas yet but here at the Inkwell Community Kitchen, we are always planning our next set of cooking sessions. In the New Year, it’s back to basics whilst learning to get to grips with your slow cooker as well as giving the gift of food.
Contact us on kitchen@elginyouthcafe.org or 01343 548300 for more information or book your place.

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Bakers getting a rise in the Kitchen!

A big Thanks to John who came in yesterday to teach us how to bake Bread! Some amazing results as you can see from the before and after shots.

Christmas in the Kitchen!

The Festive Season is nearly upon us and the Inkwell Community Kitchen has a range of different cooking classes to prepare you for the big day!

3rd December – Family Baking session 2pm – 5pm. Mince Pies, Christmas Crackers and all things festive.
7th December – Planning the Perfect Christmas Dinner. 10am – 2pm. Turkey and all the trimmings.
7th December – Christmas Baking Session. 7.30pm – 9.30pm. Mince Pies, Christmas Crackers and all things festive.
8th December – What to do with your Christmas Dinner Leftovers. 10am – 2pm. Delicious recipes to make with your leftovers.
10th December – Baking Session for our Craft and Coffee afternoon. 9am – 12pm. Making some lovely stuff for our Coffee afternoon.
14th December – Edible Christmas Gifts. 7.30pm – 9.30pm. Some lovely edible delights to give as presents (or keep for yourself!). This session will cost £5.
christmas-filo-crackers15th December – Edible Christmas Gifts. 10am – 2pm. Some lovely edible delights to give as presents (or keep for yourself!). This session will cost £5.
For more information or to book yourself onto one of the courses above, please either email kitchen@elginyouthcafe.org or call 01343 835080.

All sessions are free unless otherwise stated.

Pizza and Pasta

Whilst the weather seemed to put most people off our Pizza and Pasta cooking session this afternoon, for those who attended it was a great couple of hours! Pasta with chicken, Creamy Courgette Pasta Bake and Tuna Pasta Bake were on the cards, as well as pizzas topped high with meats, vegetables and cheese (just a sprinkle of course).

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Vegetables in Cakes – It will never catch on……. or will it?


Cakes with Vegetables in them! Vegetables, I hear you say! Everyone knows about Carrot Cake, but what about Chocolate Beetroot cake or Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake? Well that’s what was on offer at tonight’s Inter-generational Baking session. Everyone was pleasantly surprised; with the comment of the night being ‘I can’t believe the chocolate cake had beetroot in it’!

We also made some scones whilst waiting for the cakes to cook!

Family Baking Session – Cupcakes and Scones!

5 families came along to the ‘Cupcakes and Scones’ baking session on Saturday, and from the results, I think they enjoyed themselves. Black food colouring proved popular – maybe we should keep that idea for our Halloween baking session.

Don’t forget there is the Family Cooking session where we’ll be doing Pizzas and Pasta – contact kitchen@elginyouthcafe.org to book your place.

No ‘Burnt’ offerings in this Baking Session!

Although Bonfire Night is a month away, Guides from the 6th Elgin Girl Guides pack were in the Kitchen last night making some Bonfire themed cupcakes. Everyone enjoyed themselves and as you can see the results were amazing! We may be stealing this idea for the Hallowe’en baking session which will take place on 27th October 7.30pm – 9.30pm – email kitchen@elginyouthcafe.org to book your place!