Divas & Heroes

Divas and Heroes are the young person’s management committee. The committee is built up of a number of young people from both schools and the college. Their job is to help with the staffing of the cafe, make decisions about how Elgin Youth Café should be run for the benefit of young people, and to feed back the views and opinions of young people to the board. There are a number of ways that they do this;IMG_0730

• Regular meetings to discuss how the Café is being run.
• Assisting the Youth Team in the planning and delivery of activities for young people.
• Assisting in the planning and delivery of fundraising events for both themselves and Elgin Youth Café.
• Having a presence during the drop in nights to meet new young people and be there for them should they have any questions about the Project.

The Committee are supported by a member of the Youth Team who is there to support any members who are struggling with committee roles. If you are interested in joining the group, all new members are considered but not guaranteed a place.  If you would like any more information then get in touch with;

Chairperson: David Legge