Discussion ~ What are we doing?

There is a conversation going on at the moment about what we are doing, or more correctly what should we be doing.  We are looking at our strategic direction for the next few years.  What should our team be doing? What should we be fundraising for?

A safe space relatively free from the adults who controlled their day to day lives;

The youth development group was set up in 1999 to meet the needs of young people.  There was a perception that young people were socialising outside the home; in the town centre, but had nowhere to call their own space. A safe space relatively free from the adults who controlled their day to day lives; teachers, parents, etc.  The cafe was set up by teenagers, with some support from a team of youth workers.

Over the years the basic needs of people have not changed, but the social context has.  Social media has revolutionised the way we live our lives, especially the lives of young people. We now live our lives on two levels – face to face – and online, both at the same time.  There are constantly two levels of conversations going on and it has transformed the world as we used to know it.  How does this affect what we are doing? Should it change things? What are the current issues? How will they be different in five years time?

We currently use social media as an advertising tool – to get messages out there.  Should we be doing more?  Should we be delivering online services?  Such as…?

The cafe was set up to be a young people’s space, what will it be five years from now…?

Neil CO


Strategic Planning Day

All directions sign post, Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

At the beginning of May we are gathering a collection of the Directors, young people, volunteers, and staff to explore where the project is going in the years to come.

Strategic Planning

What is working? What is not? What should we be concentrating our resources on?  What should our social enterprise be like?  Youth project, social enterprise, training kitchen, cross-generational project – how should they all relate to each other?  What are the major issues facing the young people of Elgin area?


To have your say, speak with one of the team before the end of the month.