On Friday 10th February we hosted our annual awards evening to celebrate the achievements of our young people. We would like to thank all the parents, partners, and volunteers for coming along and joining us for this special evening.  A special thanks to Richard Lochhead (MSP) and Nancy Robson (Vice Lord Lieutenant of Moray) for presenting some of the awards.

Our team had an absolute blast organising and hosting the ceremony from the live music to the elegant photobooth. Our team like the fairy godmother from Cinderella magically transformed the Inkwell into a starry night’s sky!

We had an electrifying performance from Kiokui before the ceremony. Our kitchen team whipped up a delicious meal including Pizza, who can say no to a slice!

While our guest took to their seats two of our young volunteers Riley Mclaggan and Kenzie Stephen along with Youth Worker Ryan Anderson played traditional Scottish music with bagpipes and drums.

Our Award Winners included:

  • EYDG Choice – Holly, Riley, Lewis, Eamon, Kenzie, Sebastian, Simon, Luke B, Jack, and Layton

This team of young people took over the running of our café and organised events such as a Halloween night, Christmas Parties, 80’s themed diner and an Indian night. They have exceeded our expectations in planning and making these ideas come to life, they embraced the challenge and achieved great outcomes that went above and beyond what we could have wished.

  • EYDG Living Well Award – James Walker

When the youth team started working with this young person, they were shy and lacked confidence but now the team see a friendly young man, with a great sense of witty humour which is particularly useful when things don’t quite go according to plan in the kitchen – he is unflappable! This young person has really stepped up to the plate, is helping to make our Youth Takeovers happen which a year ago would have seemed like an impossible task.

  • EYDG Volunteer of the Year – Eilidh Lewis

This Award went to one our newer volunteers who we have watched grow into the role, developing new confidence and being willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone to offer the team and young people the support they need.

  • Young Volunteer of the Year – Harris Moxham

Harris joined us midway through last year and immediately showed a level of enthusiasm that made them a valued member of our gaming sessions. He exemplified the values that we as an organisation look for in our volunteers and was always on hand to support the team on Friday afternoons.

Harris’s family were kind enough to tell us how he felt:

“Harris was absolutely delighted with his Young Volunteer of the Year award, it really means a lot to him. Like most teenagers it’s taken him a bit of time to build up confidence, volunteering at The Youth Café and this award has truly helped him.”

  • Leadership Award – Riley Mclaggan

This young person is someone that we can count on to run an activity or set up a small competition during our sessions. We really appreciate all that this young person has offered to our organisation over the last 4 years. They are a great role model and inspiration and so welcoming and friendly to new members…and in fact he is an inspiration to us all!

  • Community Award – Kenzie Stephen

Within our organisation, Kenzie is always on hand to support the team with any tasks. He has become a young person that we feel we can rely on to get a job done when we need it. He brought smiles to the community by playing his bagpipes in the streets and in care homes, as well as raising hundreds of pounds for Children in Need.

  • Inkwell Choice Award – Moray Pathways

This Award is given to a group or organisation who support our wider aims, and in turn allow us to provide the youth services & training opportunities that we do at EYDG. This year’s winners are committed to improving the employability of those trying to get a job in Moray. Moray Pathway Partners have established an employability hub here in our building and have encouraged partners and others to see their clients in our Café space and run events such as job fairs in the Main Inkwell.

  • Recognition Awards

We made 15 Recognition Awards.  It is difficult to decide on the winner of an Award when there is so many people doing great work.  So our Recognition Awards went to volunteers and young people that give so much to this organisation. 

  • Youth Choice Award – Kyle Smith

This Award Winner was chosen by our Youth Management Group, who are the voice of our members. You will find Kyle near the DJ booth where he has started taking the reins during our sessions and events as our resident DJ.

  • Kay Ralph Award for Outstanding Achievement – Megan and Euan Mackey

The Kay Ralph Memorial award is in memory of John & Angela’s daughter Kay, a former member of The Warehouse @ EYC. The worthy winners were two young people who received support from the Youth Team after losing their friend. They have fundraised for causes close to their heart and took part in the filming of a very emotional BBC Country File episode. The Warehouse is a second home to these young people, and we see them flourish as part of the EYDG family. They are a credit to themselves, their family, and to us.