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Moray Street (IV30 1JS)

St Giles Multi Storey (Located within the St Giles Shopping Centre IV30 1PY)

Mon-Sat 8am -6pm

Up to 30 mins                          £ 0.50

Up to 1 hour                            £ 1.50

Up to 2 hours                          £ 2.00

Up to 3 hours                          £ 2.50

Up to 4 hours                          £ 3.00


Lossie Green (IV30 1RJ)  

Batchen Lane Multi Storey (IV30 1JW)

Mon- Sat 7am-7pm | Sunday 9am-6pm

Up to 10 hrs                    £1.00 (per day or multiples thereof)

For 6 days                          £5.00 (multiples thereof not available)

Season Ticket (per month)      £20.00 (multiples thereof not available)

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Situated in the heart of Elgin we are within walking distance to both Elgin Bus Station and Elgin Rail Station.

Unfortunately we do not offer on-site parking however there are several car parks nearby.