How to book

We understand the difficulties that you can have when booking a room. To help, we have come up with our handy guide on how to use our booking system, Hallmaster.  

Select Date

Our diary operates a colour coded availability system. 

Green: Full Availability

Orange: Partially Booked

Red: Fully Booked 

To begin your booking request select the + button on your desired date.

You will then be asked to sign up or log in to the Hallmaster system. From there you will be asked to fill in the following:

Event Information

Room: Select which room(s) you would like to book

Event Name: Type the event name

Number of People Attending: Enter the number of people who will be attending including any trainers/hosts.

Start Time/End Time: Select which time your event will start and finish.

Please note that due to current restrictions we have applied an automatic 15 minute buffer to the start and end of each booking. We require the rooms to be empty during these times so please take this into consideration when booking

Recurring Booking: If you are looking to make a regular booking, select this check box to open up further options to book and check availability.

Activity: Select the type of activity that fits your event from the drop down list.

Additional Information

Description: Please share with us a description of your event including any links associated with the event i.e. Eventbrite.

We can share this on our social media channels for you as well, if requested.

Privacy: Choose whether you would like your event to be private or public.

  • Private events will not be shown to the public.
  • Public events will allow anyone to view all information regarding the event. You can also set an event to be public with your contact details hidden.

Special Requirements

To comply with social distancing guidelines, our usual room capacity & layout options are not currently applicable.

Please use this box to state the ratio of trainer/host to attendee, whether you require desks or just seating, if you would like to use the whiteboards, whether you would like to request catering, etc.  The team will be back in touch to clarify your requests and to pass on our current hire guidelines.